Spruce’s Guide on How to Use Beard Oils

Oct 09, 18
Spruce’s Guide on How to Use Beard Oils

It’s extremely commonplace for men to be using essential oils as a part of their skincare routine these days. Whether it’s pre-shave oils as a precursor to your morning shave, or beard oils in order to accelerate growth and style your beard, these essential oils are everywhere these days.

We recently talked about the importance of beard oils, and why you need to have them in your life, and now we’re giving you the breakdown of how you can use one.

Read on below.


Start Right

The best time to use a beard oil is immediately when you’ve jumped out of a warm bath. Right after a warm to hot shower is when your pores tend to open up. Furthermore, the hairs on your face are the cleanest and softest, and will thus absorb the oils very easily.

That being said, it’s important to dry your beard well before you start applying any oil. Use a towel or hand towel and pat your beard down. Try not to use a hair dryer, as the hot air will counteract everything you’ve just achieved during your shower.


3-5 Drops is Enough

 Don’t overdo it. We tend to feel like we haven’t done enough unless our hair is literally dripping with oil.

Remember, this isn’t coconut oil for your hair prior to a shower. You’re simply adding a few drops of essential oils in order to help style and smoothen out your beard.


Massage Your Beard Well

Take 3-5  drops, rub it between your palms thoroughly, and then spread it evenly across your beard using both hands.

Use your palms and fingers interchangeably as you tug and smoothen out your beard. Rubbing them along the sides of your face, underneath the chin and on your moustache are all important for the overall context of beard style. Make sure you do that too.


 Make Sure to Get the Hair Roots

Make sure that you properly massage the beard oil into the roots of your hairs. You need to allow your skin to absorb the natural oils so they can properly strengthen and nourish the roots of your hair and properly boost growth. Increased strength means stronger growth, reduced hair fall and better shine on the beard so make sure to really get in there when your massaging the oil.


 Use it Twice a Day

For best results we recommend you apply the oil twice a day. Once after you've showered in the morning and dried your beard off and once before going to bed at night. This ensures constant nourishment to your beard and will ensure better growth, better shine and overall better beard. 

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