How Your Grooming Habits Affect Your Style

Oct 16, 18
How Your Grooming Habits Affect Your Style

People assume grooming and fashion are separate things. I’m here to tell you that they’re not.

They’re very interdependent, and if you're ignoring one, you're not taking care of the other either.

Luckily for you though, if you're smart (you’re reading this aren’t you?) then you're looking to take control of both parts of your life.

 So here’s how you can use improve your grooming to improve your style.


This is a simple one. And if you think about it logically, beards are synonymous with either great style, or looking like a hobo.

And there’s a very clear reason for that.

When you have a full grown beard, it makes you look masculine and well groomed. You’re more respected, and people tend to take you more seriously.

But if you’ve got a patchy beard that’s sprouting in a haphazard fashion all over your face, it doesn’t achieve the same effect.

A tuxedo and a patchy beard just don’t go. So stop trying to convince yourself you look good with it. Do the smart thing and shave it off, and play the waiting game. Eventually, your facial hair will even out, which could lead you to potentially grow a nice full grown beard.


 This is a real killer that often goes unnoticed, but is very important to be addressed. What people don’t often know is that flakes begin to appear after using anti-dandruff shampoo.

This is an indicator that the shampoo is actually doing its job. 

But at the same time it’s important for you to not completely disregard the stuff that does fall of your head.

You have to be aware that wearing a black shirt when you’re out to a party, there’s going to be high likelihood of snow.

Before you head out, take a quick sweep of your shoulders and dust everything off. And learn to develop a bit of a thick skin about this. You won’t be able to keep every single flake off of you, so accept that and just do your best.

Neck Hygiene

On paper, keeping your neck clean should be very straightforward, but the the problem is people tend to become extremely sloppy when they're tired. Think about this: how often do you consciously think about cleaning your neck after you get back home from a tough day at the office?

Most people will do a cursory wash of their face after work. An upgrade to that is a bath, but these alone aren’t enough.

You do need more than just a wash so try exfoliating your neck every couple of days when you have the time, you will be amazed at how different your neck starts to look and feel.


Stay tuned for more articles on grooming and fashion.


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