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Multi-Blade or Single Blade? Which One’s for You?

by Aman Sridhar 18 Apr 2017 0 Comments

So there’s a new craze going round that was started by Bond. James Bond. Getting a clean shave with a straight, single blade razor. And let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to do this to make ourselves feel as cool as Bond, even though we all know we’ll never really get there.

But before you make that impulsive decision to buy a bunch of single blade razors, let’s look at the facts. The reality is, that while single blades can be cool and classy but they may not be the most convenient for the normal working man.

Here’s why:

Safety Razors take some getting used to!

Maneuvering a safety razor around that beautiful mug of yours can be quite tricky. Especially when you’ve spent the majority of your adult-shaving life using a convenient and quick cartridge one.

Safety Razors need to be used carefully and precisely, which means one wrong move and there goes your neck.

Just kidding – but using them well requires you to really concentrate. For the working man who has 20 minutes to get ready each morning, a cartridge razor is just much more convenient & efficient.

Safety Razors cost a whole lot more

Not only do they take time to ensure that you get a clean shave, they can also be quite heavy on your wallet.

Remember that time is money. And money is money.

You don’t want to lose out on both, do you?

Single blades are short lasting

This is huge. Each cartridge blade can last for over a month if you use them well. The Safety Razor blades don’t last anywhere close to as long.

Cartridge blades can give you a much larger bang for your buck, especially if you find the right ones. Check out some of the most cost efficient and high quality cartridge razor HERE.

Cartridge blades provide some added benefits that Safety Razors just cannot

The lubrication strip you find on all cartridge blades literally lubricates your face as you shave. They help protect your skin and keep it cool while each blade does its thing.

The pivoting heads also allow you a much wider range of motion across your face. This goes back to the convenience thing – wouldn’t you rather have a blade that works across your face much better while also saving you the time? 

Final Thoughts

We’re not saying that single blade razors are bad at all. Of course not. If you have all the time in the world and want to indulge in a long and luxurious shaving routine every morning, a safety razor is the way to go. But if you’re a working man with limited time every morning, investing in short-lasting, potentially hazardous if misused blades, indulge yourself in a luxurious single blade shave while you sit back and relax at your barbers on every weekend and keep an efficient cartridge razor for your work days. You’ll fulfill your dream of getting that bond shave on the weekend while always making sure you’re looking your best work on the weekdays with your time efficient cartridge razors.

You can have a look at some awesome & long lasting cartridge razors HERE.

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