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Shaving Foam vs. Cream vs. Gel – What’s Your Pick?

by Aman Sridhar 01 May 2017 0 Comments

Like many of us in the past, I’m sure you have mindlessly picked up the closest bottle of whatever you could find from that department store closest to you. We’ve all been guilty of it. I blame the system.

But believe it or not, what you apply to your face actually does matter.

Research shows that depending on what you use, your skin could be affected differently.

One of the biggest issues with any of these lubricants is the fact that some may contain alcohol.Without you even knowing it, you may be drying your own face by treating it like you do your liver.

So we thought we could help educate you on this so you can choose what’s best for you.

Shaving Foams

To start with you definitely will not be getting enough foam. Think of it like this: when you buy a packet of chips you just know that 3/4 th of it is filled with air.  Foam bottles operate on the same principle.

Foams offer only a thin layer of protection to your face, which could lead to easily avoidable cuts and burns. Foams have no oil in them. The right type of oil is essential to make sure your face stays acne free and glows. When you use foams not only do you guarantee you will have none of those, you also increase the risk of breakouts and cuts.

Foams are also inconvenient. While youre shaving with a foam, it’s possible that it just evaporates off your face, which means you would have to take more.

So, although foams might be easy to use and convenient for you if you’re in a hurry before work every morning, it may not be the best option for your skins health.  Check out this Article which shaving foams in detail.

Creams and Gels

Creams are a step up from foams.

They provide a bit of moisture to your face, but still are not the most lubricating option for your skin. They carry some problems similar to shaving foams but they are definitely a much better option. 

Lastly, we have shaving gels. Now remember, shaving gels come in tube packaging and aerosol cans like shaving foams. Make sure you STAY AWAY from the can packaging. Those have the same negative impact as the shaving foams. So,if you go for a gel, always get the one packaged in a tube. 

Shaving gels are a great option if you feel like your skin is sensitive or dry. Gels & creams can often be confused with each other but just to help you out, gels are thicker and more viscous (usually transparent or blue) while creams usually have white pasty texture.

Gels do a better job lubricating your face than creams do, which is key to maintaining a clean and clear face. Additional lubrication help the razor glide over your skin much more easily and is also instrumental in ensuring that your shave stays nick and burn free.

Dr. Allan Peterkin has been quoted saying “Half of men in the U.S. acknowledge that as they get older, their skin needs more attention and takes longer to recover. This is mostly a result of lessened elasticity and moisturization. That’s why it’s particularly important to ensure you incorporate moisture into your shaving routine. I recommend shave gels, which don’t require as much product when applying, and also because they lubricate facial hair very well.”

You can find the rest of his interview here –


The lubrication and moisture you get combined with the fact that most gels are alcohol free, means you end up feeling nice and refreshed, while also ensuring that you don’t have any stray hairs chilling out on your face.

So make the right decision and start treating your face well NOW! Choose the products that best fits your lifestyle and your needs but make sure to moisturize your skin well if you’re avid shaving foam user. If  you’re looking to have a look at some great moisturizing shaving gels you can find them here.

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