How To Get the Best Shave of Your Life

There is a proper way to do everything to get the best results, and given how important shaving is to your daily routine, you should know the best way to do it. So here our tips on the best way to shave.

Before dragging that mushy, white foam/cream across your face, and diving right in blade first, there’s a few things you can do to make sure you get the best out of your shave.

Doing so will lead to healthy skin and an overall healthy outlook on life.



Steam showers and saunas have great benefits to frequent users. However, since not all of us were born into pure luxury that allows us to afford this, there’s the next best thing.

A hot shower.

This stuff generally opens up the pores of your skin, which allows it to breathe getting rid of any dirt and dust that has accumulated in there.


Very straightforward, but we’re not talking about the kind of oiling up you’re probably thinking about.

If you can get your hands on some pre-shave oil, grab it with both hands. If not, then you can just use a moisturizing cream to get your skin ready for a great shave.

This takes care of any microscopic imbalances, and generally it’s better to go extra hard than nothing at all.


Yes. Milder is better. Ph level that is. You can have whatever temperament you want.

Milder Ph level shaving foams and gels have the ability to moisturize your face while protecting your jaws from the dirty blades.

Luckily we have some amazingly refreshing herbal shave gels to give you the perfect shave.


Ease up the pace of your face. Start using multi-razor blades too. This will make sure you don’t need any added pressure, which will also prevent any irritation on your skin post-shave and ensure that you don’t accidentally cut your face.

Follow the trajectory of your hair. Let us simplify that. Go with the grain, and pay attention to the different parts of your face. Notice the way the hair grows and follow that.

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Use a clean, friendly post-shave balm to keep your face smooth and healthy. Remember, why take a chance, especially with something as special as your pretty face. And because we know all this, we also know that you would love our amazing herbal post shave balm

So keep it scrubbed to avoid dryness and any ingrown hairs.

So there you have it. Everything you need for a nice, neat shave.

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