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How often can you use men’s intimate wash?

by Rohan Krishnan 12 Sep 2020 0 Comments

You can use men’s intimate wash on a daily basis, depending on one important factor: pH balance. An intimate wash is a product specially designed to maintain the hygiene of a man’s private parts or intimate area. An intimate wash is best suited to the needs of your private area, and ideally, should be used on a daily basis to ensure that your private parts are healthy, itch-free and smell-free.

Men's intimate wash can be used daily if it is pH balanced - Ideal pH level is 5

The most important factor in choosing a daily intimate wash for men is whether it is pH balanced. The skin on our body is slightly acidic and the pH level for skin is therefore between 5.5 – 7. The skin in your private area has a lower pH level of between 5 – 5.5. Being more acidic, the skin in your private parts is better equipped to naturally fight any bacteria, fungus and yeast. That’s why pH balance becomes so important. Maintaining the pH balance of your intimate area helps your body fight off bacteria, fungus, yeast and all the sources of itching, irritation, inflammation and odour, naturally.

If your regular soap or intimate wash does not have the same pH balance as your intimate area, then your skin down there will weaken, and its natural ability to fight against bacteria, fungus and yeast will reduce. This is when you may start exhibiting symptoms of Jock Itch, Balanitis and Tinea Cruris, which can lead to worse problems if left untreated. Normal soap and bodywash, and even many ayurvedic and dermatological soaps have a very high pH value (between 9 and 10). This makes your intimate area very alkaline, and the skin in the region becomes unhealthy. In such cases, using soap more than once and scrubbing hard will do more than harm than help.

Using a highly alkaline soap on your private parts everyday is not good for health


This is why it is very important to safely and properly clean your private parts/ intimate area/groin/crotch/penis and testicles using a pH balanced intimate wash. Spruce’s intimate wash for men is pH balanced and has a pH level of 5.1, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy pH level for your private parts and keeping the skin down there healthy. Since our intimate wash’s pH level 5.1, it is perfect for you to use on a daily basis on your private area.


pH level of a normal soap

pH level of your private parts

pH level of Spruce’s intimate wash

 9 – 10

 5 – 5.5





Moreover, Spruce’s intimate wash for men uses a blend of 9 natural extracts, vitamins and essential oils that moisturize your skin, balance oil production, strengthen tissue and prevent bad smells, dryness, inflammation and itching. This natural blend also acts as a gentle antiseptic, cleansing your skin of any harmful bacteria, yeast or fungus.

Spruce Shave Club's intimate wash for men is pH balanced and enhanced with essential oils and vitamins

Our intimate wash is free of any artificial fragrances, sulfates or parabens present in normal soaps or bodywashes that cause itching, dryness, inflammation and irritation. Spruce’s intimate wash has a gentle foaming solution which is not harsh and harmful to the skin in your intimate area.

This is why Spruce’s intimate wash for men is the best men’s intimate wash for maintaining a healthy intimate area.

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