Why normal soap won’t stop the itching and smell in your private parts: pH Balance.

Sep 12, 20
Why normal soap won’t stop the itching and smell in your private parts: pH Balance.

When men get into showers, it’s usually all about efficiency. We get enough water on our bodies to form a lather with soap and then double down on scrubbing away at the parts of our bodies we think smell the most; our private parts and our armpits. Here’s a hilariously accurate depiction of men’s shower habits:

Private parts smell more, and so it’s only natural for us to think that using more soap in our intimate areas will keep them clean and make them smell better. The truth is, using regular soap on your private area is probably the reason you are facing itching, smell, inflammation and irritation in your intimate area/private parts/groin/crotch/penis and testicles in the first place! Why? Simple: pH balance.

A balanced pH is extremely important for any man who is trying to maintain good  intimate hygiene. The pH level of the skin on men’s private parts is 5 – 5.5, which is slightly acidic. This low pH level promotes the health of ‘good’ bacteria which protects your intimate areas. A change in the pH level in your private region can lead to the growth of foreign bacteria which causes the infection, itching, bad smell, and inflammation you may be experiencing. So, maintaining a pH level of 5 – 5.5 is essential to the health and protection of your private parts.

The problem with soap is that it is extremely alkaline, unlike the skin in your intimate area. In fact, studies published in Indian dermatological research journals have shown that a majority of soaps in India, ayurvedic and dermatological soaps included, have an extremely high pH level ranging between 9 and 10. These soaps will surely upset the pH balance in your private parts. The high level of alkalinity works against your skin’s naturally acidic nature and reduces its ability to fight off harmful bacteria. So, when you feel like you smell or itch a little more than usual, using more soap, more vigorously may end up doing more damage. Higher pH levels in the groin are often associated with irritation, dryness, redness and inflammation.

That’s why it’s important to safely and properly clean your private parts/ intimate area/groin/crotch/penis and testicles using a pH balanced intimate wash and not a regular soap or body wash. Spruce’s intimate wash for men is pH balanced and has a pH level of 5.1, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy pH level for your private parts and keeping the skin in your intimate area in the healthiest shape to prevent infection. Since our intimate wash’s pH level 5.1, it is perfect for you to use on a daily basis on your private area.


pH level of a normal soap

pH level of your private parts


pH level of Spruce’s intimate wash


 9 – 10

 5 – 5.5





Moreover, Spruce’s intimate wash uses a blend of 9 natural extracts, vitamins and essential oils that moisturize your skin, balance oil production, strengthen tissue and prevent bad smells, dryness, inflammation and itching. This natural blend also acts as a gentle antiseptic, cleansing your skin of any harmful bacteria, yeast or fungus.

Spruce’s gentle, foaming formulation is free of any artificial fragrances, sulfates or parabens present in normal soaps or bodywashes that cause itching, dryness, inflammation and irritation.

This is why Spruce’s intimate wash is a better bet when you’re picking what’s best for your intimate area.

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