What is a men’s intimate wash?

Sep 12, 20
What is a men’s intimate wash?

An intimate wash for men is a product specially designed to maintain the hygiene of a man’s private parts or intimate area. An intimate wash is best suited to the needs of your private area, and does the specific job of ensuring its protection from bacteria, fungus, yeast and any resultant itching, smell, inflammation or irritation.

Spruce formulated an intimate wash for men; a simple, natural product that maintains and supports your private parts (private parts/groin/crotch/penis & testicles). Spruce’s intimate wash is crafted to ensure that your intimate area gets the best protection it can receive from any unwanted bacteria, fungus or yeast. Our intimate wash for men is free of any artificial fragrances, sulfates or parabens present in normal soaps or bodywashes that cause itching, dryness, inflammation and irritation. Spruce’s intimate wash has a gentle foaming solution which is not harsh and harmful to the skin in your intimate area.

Our intimate wash uses a blend of 9 natural extracts, vitamins and essential oils that moisturize your skin, balance oil production, strengthen tissue and prevents any bad smell, dryness, inflammation and itching. This natural blend also acts as a gentle antiseptic, cleansing your skin of any harmful bacteria, yeast or fungus.

Spruce’s intimate wash for men is pH balanced as well. pH balance is a very important quality to look for when choosing an intimate wash for men. The pH level of a substance refers to its acid-basic ratio and is measured from 1 to 14 where 7 is neutral. If a substance’s value is higher than 7 on the pH scale, it is more base/alkaline and if it’s value is less than 7, it is more acidic. The skin on our body is slightly acidic and the pH level for skin is therefore between 5.5 – 7. The skin in your private area has a lower pH level of between 5 – 5.5. Being more acidic, the skin in your private parts is better equipped to naturally fight any bacteria or fungus. That’s why pH balance becomes so important. Spruce’s intimate wash for men has a pH level of 5.1, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy pH level for your private parts. Maintaining the pH balance of your intimate area helps your body fight off bacteria, fungus, yeast and all the sources of itching, irritation, inflammation and odour, naturally.

pH balance is the most important factor in choosing an intimate hygiene product for men

This is why Spruce’s intimate wash is the best intimate wash for maintaining a healthy private area for men. The essential oils and gentle foaming formula keep your private area smelling clean and itch free, and the pH balance supports the skin in your private area, strengthening it to fight against harmful bacteria, yeast and fungus.

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