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Why you need to start using a shaving brush

by Aman Sridhar 23 Oct 2018 0 Comments

The shaving brush is an essential part of your grooming toolkit.

Think back to your early childhood days, and think about how you felt watching your grandfather pull out his grooming toolkit and slowly shave off the loose hairs on his face.

Shaving used to be an art form, and it still very much is. It’s simply being lost in the wave of ‘life hacks,’ and ‘how to be efficient with your time’ articles. 

The shaving brush isn’t just an accessory, however, it’s an essential cog in your shaving toolkit. Read on to know why.

Shaving Brushes go deep

Under the guise of convenience, we often skip the most essential parts of our shaving routine.

Whether it’s using a pre-shave oil to soften and prepare the skin, or using a post-shave balm to nourish your face, there’s always an invaluable step that’s being left out by us.

Not using the shaving brush is one of those things.

Once you’ve applied the gel, created a sufficient amount of lather and started rubbing it onto your beard, you will start to notice something very simple.

The bristles of the brush go into places underneath your beard that your fingers couldn’t possibly reach. They pierce through the hair on your face and get into your skin, which leads to your skin preparing itself for what’s next.

Dealing with ingrown hairs

A lot of times when we rush through our shaving routine in the mornings, we don’t do a good enough job.

After washing away the final bits of gel on our face and pushing your face close up into the mirror, you start to see flyaway hairs that your razor hasn’t touched.

It looks out of place, and makes you feel frustrated that you couldn’t get through it all. Once again, in the name of convenience, you decide to go after that hair without any gel on your face, and end up cutting yourself.

You may have got that loose strand of hair, but your left with a razor cut that could eventually develop into an annoying zit.

When using a brush, ingrown hairs will untangle themselves and will be easier to find with the razor.

The thick lubrication created by the amalgamation of the warm brush and the shaving gel is a lot more soothing on your face, which in turn affects your hair, allowing them to stand up and ask to be chopped off, rather than remain matted and lazy.

So in essence, by adding a bit more time to your pre-shave routine, you are saving a lot more time to your post-shave routine of chasing down loose strands of hair.

The brush is key to this.

The wonderful warm glow on your face

This is simply the icing on the cake when it comes to the utility value of a shaving brush. Combined with the absolutely essential value discussed in the previous points, brushes can also help with making you feel wonderful. 

The warm water sprinkled on the brush, combined with the cool feeling of the shaving gel, rubbed to create a thick, soothing lather, when rubbed across your face creates a tingling feeling that just can’t be beat with simply just your fingers. 

They also harken back to a time that seems to be slipping away much faster with the technological revolution, and if you're a nostalgic for the early 1900s like me, brushes can make you feel like a 1920s gangster, or James Bond. And who wouldn’t want that?


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