These Are Places to Go to Beat the Heat

Mar 22, 18
These Are Places to Go to Beat the Heat

Yeah, I know we’re coming to that point again where the wintery chai and pakoras are no longer a staple.

They’re about to be replaced by liters of water and cold beers, which doesn’t sound so bad, but when you read on you’ll realize that you’ll swap a cold beer in Delhi or Bombay for any one of these places.

Old Manali

Manali is a tourist trap. It’s bustling, loud, full of honeymooning couples and filled with mini traffic jams.

In many ways it’s become a victim of it’s own allure.

What was once a place to check out of your daily life and recuperate has now become a place where people go for more material purposes.

Old Manali on the other hand has so far managed to retain it’s old town charm, attracting folks who are a lot more travel focused.

Many people use it as a home base for their travels further north, but it’s very much possible to just enjoy it for what it is – a place you can chill out.

It’s a place you really have to visit to truly understand what the phrase ‘doing nothing’ means.

It’s one of those places that’s perfect for you to recharge by literally not having anything to do.


Spiti is one of those places that is tremendously tough to get to.

Think Leh times 5 – the roads are notoriously difficult to drive on.

You need good wheels and a tough mind, or you could go all out daredevil and take one of the local buses that drive into the valley.

But everything about the place is worth it.

Within the valley there’s different places you can visit, but do so after you have acclimatized to the thin air, but also the knockout views.

Spiti is not for the faint hearted, it’s for the ones who have had their fill of the relaxing vibes. It’s for the adrenaline junkies willing to go that extra mile.

It’s undoubtedly worth it, though.


Kalga is still relatively unknown in the Parvati Valley, although it’s hard to say how long that tag will last.

The summer sees throngs of party heads from Delhi and Punjab make their way towards Parvati in the search for a decadent safe have.

Places like Kasol, which were peaceful and quaint 6 years ago are now unrecognizable with the commercialization.

Kalga filters out many from this crowd due to it’s location.

It involves a lot more travel including a bit of a trek, which leaves behind the throngs of folk searching for comfort.

The views are stunning, the families that house you welcoming, and the costs will barely create a dent.

Three checks in the pros column.

Pack light, and be spontaneous. See where things can take you once you get there. The unique location of kalga can take you up beyond towards Kheerganga, or to Pulga, Tosh and Malana, all of which are slight variations.

Happy Traveling!


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