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The Most Comprehensive Winter Skincare Regimen for Men

by Rohan Krishnan 24 Dec 2020 0 Comments

You’ve been good. You’ve taken your winter clothes out and dusted them off. You’ve sat them in the sun for an afternoon or you’ve put in the extra effort and had them dry-cleaned too. Mumma would be proud. Send her a picture of you in your peacoat and she’ll make it her Whatsapp status, “My handsome son”, the caption will read. But there is still work to do. You haven’t gone the whole 9 yards if you’re yet to switch up your grooming routine. When temperatures drop, cold winds carry away the humidity, leaving behind dry air and pollution. What does this mean for you? Chapped, cracking lips, dry and dull skin, breakouts, pimples and more. Now you’re thinking, luckily Mummy’s status only stays up for 24 hours, right? But she could make it her display picture. Awkwardly cropped and zoomed in on just your face. Now you’re literally faced with the truth that your Mom will always think you’re the second coming of Shashi Kapoor. We’re here to tell you that this winter, we’re going to try and get you as close as possible with a few additions to your grooming routine. 

Grooming, like style, is seasonal and if you’re thinking of switching things up this winter, your main aim should be hydration. Your opponent? Dryness. Here are our recommendations on how to fight it:

Drink plenty of water:
This goes without saying, water is what keeps you alive and drinking the right amount helps nutrients reach and replenish your skin. But if you’re looking to take care of your skin, simply drinking water isn’t enough. There isn’t enough evidence to back the good effects that water directly has on your skin, but it should form the basis of your hydration regime. So try drinking 8 glasses a day, and while you’re at it, why don’t you make one glass a tad more interesting by dropping one of Spruce Health’s Vitamin C effervescent tablets in it. They’re plant based and sugar-free, and will give your skin that extra bit of shine!

Drink plenty of water!


Try out a Moisturizer:
When it comes to hydration, dermatologists recommend topical applications and moisturizers are the way to go. When selecting a moisturizer, look for products which contain humectants. Humectants are ingredients that help your skin retain moisture and stay hydrated for longer amounts of time. Humectants work by absorbing moisture from the air as well as drawing moisture to the epidermis from the layer underneath, known as the dermis. So rather than directly supplying your skin with moisture, humectants are a nourishing ingredient, continuously drawing water to keep your skin hydrated. Try out Spruceshaveclub’s moisturizer, which is powered by hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant that can bind nearly 1000 times it’s weight in water!

Ditch the alcohol based aftershave:
For those of you who regularly shave, you’ll know that crisp feeling you get after you’ve applied that alcohol based aftershave. To some, the sting might feel nice, but your skin will feel the brunt of your masochistic tendencies, and will dry up, leading to pimples, inflammation, and irritation. Not a great look! Try out an aftershave balm instead! Balms are great for those with dry skin and especially so in cold climates. They’re occlusives, which means that they help your skin retain moisture by sealing your skin with a film that will prevent water loss. Spruce’s aftershave balm is enriched with lemongrass and mint, and will give you the same refreshing feeling you would get with an alcohol based aftershave, but without draining your skin of its moisture. No artificial fragrances are added to any of Spruce's products, which are another reason why normal aftershaves dry out your skin!

The cold can cause dryness and cracking

Nourish your hair with Onion Oil:
If your scalp itches and your hair gets very oily, very fast, its probably because the skin under your hair has gotten dry, and is overproducing oil to compensate. This can often result in discomfort or itchiness. The many ways in which dryness can affect you this winter will leave you scratching your head, but applying some hair oil will help you avoid dryness by nourishing your hair from root to tip. Spruce’s Red Onion Hair Oil will return your hair’s natural shine, strengthening it, preventing breakage and stimulating growth through increasing blood circulation. What’s more, onion oil has antibacterial properties which prevent damaged hair!

Beat the frizz with Beard Oil:
Dry skin is bad, but a dry beard is worse! Frizz and itch are the two biggest problems your beard will face this winter. To ensure you don’t have to deal with either, try out a beard oil! Beard oils are great for softening your hair, and ensuring that the skin under your beard stays supple, thereby preventing any stray hairs from sticking out of your beard. Spruce's Bear Oils are enriched with natural extracts that hydrate your skin without causing any irritation or inflammation.  

Hydration & Moisturization

Keeping yourself hydrated this winter comes with many different benefits, from keeping you in tip top shape to tackle each day as well as leaving you looking at your brightest best!

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