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Country of Origin : India

Boost Immunity & Brighten Skin
Usage : 1 tablet/day
  • FSSAI Certified

  • WHO GMP Certified

  • FDA Approved


Contents: Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets with Amla & Zinc | 1 Tubes of 20 Tablets Each

  • A powerful immunity booster made with Amla, Vitamin C & Zinc to help build your immunity and increase your resistance to immune challenges.
  • Provides the 100% RDA of Vitamin C to deliver maximum effectiveness. 
  • Derived from natural amla extract which is a strong source of vitamin c with powerful anti oxidant properties. Amla, has a very high concentration of vitamin c and is well known for boosting immunity, providing energy and helping maintain in your body in its optimal health conditions.
  • Zinc is an integral mineral to maintain and build the immunity of our body and helps it naturally ward off infections.
  • The effervescent form not only makes the consumption of the supplement more enjoyable but also enables quicker absorption of these essential minerals into our body to ensure maximum effectiveness without any gastric issues.
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Keto Friendly & Natural. Added Natural Orange flavor for an amazing taste.
  • Made in WHO GMP approved labs to ensure maximum safety & highest quality standards
  • Consume 1 tablet daily to maintain your immune health. Just drop, dissolve and drink to maintain daily immunity.

Key Ingredients 

1 tab | Vitamin C as Amla extract (1000mg), Vitamin C as ascorbic acid (40mg), Zinc 10mg


FSSAI Certified

Made in WHO GMP Certified facilities

FDA Approved

Proudly made in India

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Made with with the power of amla.

Natural, plant based & vegan formulation.

Boosts immunity, improves iron absorption, brightens skin.

Better health made smart.

What's all the fizz about?

100% Bioavailable.

Dissolves completely & evenly, ensuring faster and better absorption of the vitamin C & zinc. This is nearly 2X that of regular pills.

Tasty & fun.

A refreshing & natural orange flavoured drink that fizzes like your favourite soda! Except this one's good for you!

Better hydration

Your next glass of water just got a little more interesting.

What does it do?

Crafted for you.

What's in

it for you?

1000mg Vitamin C (Amla Extract)

Each tab contains as much vitamin C as 40 amlas! An extremely powerful antioxidant, Amla is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C.

40mg Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

The most potent form Vitamin C, ascorbic acid is essential for the body to help form blood vessels, cartilage, muscle and collagen in bones. Vitamin C is also vital to your body's healing process.

10mg Zinc

An essential nutrient that helps boost immunity, combat infections & improve metabolic & thyroid function. Is an essential ingredient for DNA synthesis & growth.

How to Use

Better health & skin made natural, tasty & smart.

Better health & skin made natural, tasty & smart.


Your wellness guide.

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Still got questions?

  • FAQ's

What is vitamin C & why do I need it?

Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin that we receive through particular foods that we eat. Our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C on their own and as it is water soluble, our bodies are unable to store it. Whereas most mammals can produce their own Vitamin C, our bodies evolved in a way that rendered the gene for this ability inactive. That is why we must consistently replenish our Vitamin C levels!

Why is Vitamin C an immunity booster?

Vitamin C rose to prominence as a supplement when when 2 time Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling recommended its use as a preventive measure for colds. Studies indicate that Vitamin C boosts immunity and can even reduce symptoms and duration of a cold. 

Can I take vitamin C everyday?

You need only one Vitamin C effervescent tablet a day. Our effervescent tablets contain  1000mg of Vitamin C, which is enough to boost your immunity for 24 hours, and like everything else, it is important to maintain a balance!

When time should I take a Vitamin C tablet? 

Consume your vitamin c effervescent tablet during or after breakfast to experience a boost in energy and build your immunity through the course of your day.

Can I eat the tablet directly?

No! This defeats the purpose of our effervescent tablets! To ensure that you get every last bit of Vitamin C that we’ve packed into this tablet, we’ve made it effervescent. When our tablets fizz and dissolve, the Vitamin C they contain become 100% bioavailable, meaning that your body can quickly and completely utilize it for max impact!

How many calories does the Vitamin C tablet have?

Our effervescent tablets are for the calorie conscious! Even though they fizz like soda and taste like oranges, each tablet contains only 1.93 Kcal. They’re also extremely low on carbs and sugar-free, so you can use them even on a keto diet!

Who are Vitamin C effervescent tablets for?

Our Vitamin C effervescent tabs are for everyone! They’re completely vegetarian, plant based, vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free and dairy free. 

Is this product vegetarian?

Yes all of our products are completely vegan & vegetarian.

What are the effects of Vitamin C deficiency?

A deficiency in Vitamin C can lead to low immunity, iron-deficiency anaemia, easy bruising, bleeding gums, slow wound healing, loss of teeth, and even stress and irritability. Avoid these symptoms by trying our 1000mg amla-powered Vitamin C effervescents today!

Does Vitamin C lighten/whiten your skin?

No. Vitamin C doesn’t lighten skin, it does much better! It brightens your skin. The benefits of Vitamin C for skin include even tone, supple and elastic skin, reduced redness and inflammation, prevention of signs premature aging like rougher texture, scarring, wrinkles and general dullness. Vitamin C also promotes collagen production, which keeps the skin firm and plump.

Does Vitamin C have any effect on my hair?

Vitamin C protects your hair in a similar way it protects your skin. Vitamin C fights free radicals that cause your hair to brittle and damage your hair follicles. By promoting collagen production, it improves hair health.