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Vitamin C, Immunity and your Approach to Wellness

by Rohan Krishnan 21 Sep 2020

2020 has not been fun to say the least. The global pandemic brought the world to a standstill, and as if the crippling weight of knowing that your responsibilities only increase by the day wasn’t enough of a burden, now people have been forced to realise that they have one more responsibility; a responsibility to their own health. Usually, we don’t worry too much about our responsibilities to ourselves. For example, it’s easy to prioritize your high paying job over your mental health – it’s your salary that pays the bills. The problem is that unlike your high paying job, when you lose your health, it definitely isn't coming back after a week on LinkedIn! At some point, everyone starts looking for more holistic ways to improve the quality of their lives, and we’ve found that nothing helps better than being your healthiest self. Gold is old, and health really has become the newfound form of wealth.

Health, Fitness and Wellness - India

At Spruce Health, we want to dispel any idea that taking care of yourself is a burden. Our bodies and minds are trained to self-optimization, and though we may go about it in sometimes cumbersome and inelegant ways, we still try everyday! In that sense, we strive for self-improvement and we don’t think of it as a burden. Ideally, the best way of beginning your journey to becoming your healthiest self is by realizing that it’s a daily endeavour that we inherently want to participate in.  

So Spruce Health has looked for some quick, fun and easy ways to help you kickstart your wellness journey, and we’ve begun with boosting the one thing which forms the foundation of your health; your immunity! Your immune system is always at work, keeping you safe from illness and disease. Your body knows best that prevention is better than a cure, and so on its own, it toils away to keep you from falling sick. We’ve found a way to help it in its noble endeavour; Vitamin C!

Higher levels of vitamin C in your blood lead to a more resilient immune system and may be the ideal nutritional marker for overall health, say health experts. However, vitamin C isn’t produced in your body, like it is in most mammals. Human bodies can’t produce or store vitamin C, so it’s vital that we replenish the levels of vitamin C in our bodies on a daily basis. The recommended amount of vitamin C to be consumed per day is around 1000 mg which is difficult to get your daily from just fruits and vegetables unless you follow a strictly curated diet.

That’s why most people turn to supplementation. At first, the idea of taking supplements may seem worrisome. Supplements are taken over the counter without a prescription, are often unnatural or synthetic and there’s just not enough information about what goes inside. So, we’re more than happy to lay it all out for you right here. Our vitamin C essentials are natural and plant based, they’re vegan, and they contain no genetically modified organisms (they’re non-GMO). No funny business about what goes in your tummy. It's why we're also FSSAI certified, WHO-GMP certified, FDA approved and ISO certified as well.

Harness the power of Vitamin C

Spruce Health is for everyone, regardless of your diet or health and wellness goals, they fit right into your plans! We want to be a part of anyone’s journey to self-improvement, that’s why we’ve ensured that our products are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and allergen free. It’s why our products are vegetarian!

As we had said earlier, self-improvement shouldn’t seem like a burden, because (and we stress this) it really isn’t! Spruce Health has made a vitamin C essentials that are the antithesis' of “a tough pill to swallow”; they're just so easy! We make effervescent tablets; all you have to do is drop one of our tabs in a glass of water, wait 3-4 minutes for it to dissolve completely, and then enjoy your vitamin C enriched, orange flavoured, fizzy drink! We've also crafted chewable tablets that dissolve on your tongue and aren't required to be swallowed. Having Spruce Health Vitamin C essentials will do wonders for your immunity and become an easy way to set off on your quest for self-improvement! The best part is, it’s a quick daily reminder of the commitment you’ve always had to improving yourself, but now want to realize.


1 tablet of Spruce Health's Vitamin C effervescent is equal to the power of 40 amlas
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