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Habits Every Man Needs to Cultivate Early On In His Life

Habits Every Man Needs to Cultivate Early On In His Life

For men in their 20s there’s two types of grooming that you need to be aware of – amateur grooming and professional grooming.

Professional grooming on one hand could mean shelling out a wad of cash every couple of weeks to get a top class shave and a haircut, but there’s another side to it that’s often ignored – developing good grooming habits through your 20s that will benefit you in the long term.

There are many, many things you can do now, but we’ll start with the most practical ones that can be honed on a relatively frugal budget.



This is probably the most obvious fact on the list, and yet it’s often overlooked. Shaving is one thing, shaving well is a whole different beast.

In order to shave well, you need to slow it down and take your time.

If you have a busy schedule in the mornings, take some time out the night before to make sure you’re giving yourself the correct treatment. Check out our other article about how you can start shaving better.

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