Gifts For Your Man

Our premium Gift Boxes come with a custom Valentine's sleeve and cute photo frame for his bedside table!  

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For his badass


For his badass beard.

Gift your man a natural beard care kit for a beard you would love to run your fingers through! 

For his perfect shave.

For his perfect shave.

For that jawline you fell in love with again, gift him a one of our premium natural shaving kits!

For his glowing


For his glowing skin.

His skin was always better than yours! Want to see it at its best? Gift him a carefully crafted skin care essentials kit!

For his manly


For his manly mane.

Natural & sulfate free hair care essentials crafted will make you want to ruffle his hair instead of watching a movie!

For his bangin' body.

For his bangin' body.

He will smell so good, you'll be dying to get up close and personal with these fragrant natural shower kits.