Shave Regimen

Shaving is a daily activity in most of our lives and yet we are not always satisfied with the results we get. So we at Spruce Shave Club decided to take matters into our own hands. We carefully designed and developed the most premium shaving regimen with the goal of delivering a shaving experience like never before.


Wash your face with some warm water to ready your skin for the shave. The warm water help open up your pores. Then massage our pre shave oil onto the wet skin. The shave oil require about a few seconds to sink in. Spritz some warm water onto the face to activate the oil. The oil helps lift hairs away from the face, provide a slick and slippery surface so that your razor can easily glide over the skin and deliver the smoothest shave without any razor burn.


After our pre-shave oil has helped your skin pores to open up, it’s now time to lather up. Use our shaving gel and shaving brush to create a rich lather that will moisturize your skin, soften your whiskers and lift them up to ensure that your beard is ready for a smooth and close shave. Spend extra time working the shaving gel into the more sensitive areas like the neck to ensure that the shave remains burn free.


Use our 3X or 5X shaving razor to glide over the lather and remove all hairs, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Our precision shaving blades are designed and made by experts in the USA to ensure the closest & smoothest shave. Each cartridge has an aloe vera lubricating strip that is enriched with Vitamin - E to ensure that the shave is smooth, burn free and leaves no redness.


Shaving often leaves your skin a little dry as the blades remove moisture from the skin. So, it’s extremely important to moisturize properly after your shave to help rejuvenate your skin. Using alcohol based splashes further dries the skin and leaves a burning sensation, so we created our Aloe Vera Based After Shave Shave Balm that helps moisturize, rejuvenate and soothe your skin. It contains no sulfates or parabens and is alcohol free.