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Contents: 1 Waxed Canvas Travel Kit - Water Resistant

The Spruce Shave Club Traveller is a premium, spacious and elegant travel kit that holds all your travel essentials. Made from the highest quality waxed canvas, the pouch is an stylish and premium alternative to the regular polyester travel pouches. Some of the features of our travel kit are :-

  • It has a water resistant outer coating and waterproof inner lining  to ensure protection of items inside and around it.
  • There two separate compartments on the pouch make it easy to segregate products and organize your travel.
  • The pouch has 2 additional compartments inside the main pocket to help you separate your necessities. 
  • It has been designed carefully to give an elegant and premium look while still being extremely functional. We designed it to help you travel in style.

Overall, this travel kit is designed to be a traveller's perfect companion.


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