The 5X Starter Pack


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Contents: 1 Razor Handle + 1 Cartridge + 1 Herbal Shave Gel (50g)

The 5X Starter Pack is a premium shaving kit designed to deliver the smoothest and most burn free shave. Our 5 blade shaving system is carefully designed and crafted in the USA by experts with over 140 years of experience to ensure that the blades are sharp, safe & long lasting. The razor handle is a weighted metal handle with a rubberized grip to give you maximum control over your shave. Coupled with our herbal shaving gel, this is the perfect shaving solution. The key features of our starter pack are:-

  • 5 sharp American made blades for a close, crisp and smooth shaving experience

  • Additional trimmer edge for easy styling

  • Aloe Vera & Vitamin- E enriched lubricating strip for a safe & smooth shave

  • Rubber guard below blades to lift hairs before every stroke

  • Anti-Clog design for a quick and easy rinse

  • Double coated blade edge for a nick free shave with no irritation

  • Dermatologically Tested blades and ideal for sensitive skin

  • Premium weighted ergonomically designed metal razor handle with chrome plating 

  • Extra rubberized grip for maximum control 

  • Herbal shave gel designed to deliver a safe and smooth shave

    The 5X Shaving Start Pack is the perfect way to start your all new shaving regime with Spruce Shave Club.