Loaded 5X Traveller


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Contents: 1 Razor Handle, Pack of 4 5X Cartridges, 1 Herbal Shave Gel (50g), 1 Herbal Post Shave Balm (50g), 1 Wooden Shaving Brush, 1  Waxed Canvas Travel Kit

The 5X Loaded Traveller is the Perfect Travel & Shaving Solution. This shaving kit is loaded with the finest and most premium shaving essentials designed for the smoothest and safest shaving experience. It contains our flagship American made shaving blades, razor handle, our herbal shaving gel and post shave balm, a premium wooden shaving brush and an elegant waxed canvas travel kit. This is the most premium shaving solution that has been carefully designed to deliver the complete and perfect shaving experience. This shaving kit has some amazing products with some even better features:-

  • 1 Spacious and Splash Resistant waxed canvas travel kit with an elegant design to make sure you travel in style
  • 1 Spruce Shave Club 5X Shaving Razor with pack of 4 cartridges with American made blades for the closest, smoothest and most burn free shave
  • 1 50g Herbal Shaving Gel for a safe and natural shave 
  • 1 50g Herbal Aloe Vera Aftershave Balm for a natural and refreshing post shave experience. 
  • 1 Genuine wood shaving brush with the softest bristles to ensure the smoothest shaving experience

Try this kit if you are looking for a highly premium, elegant and functional shaving solution.

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