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Experience the most premium deep cleanse with this charcoal face care combo. With a premium activated charcoal face wash & a blackhead removal activated charcoal peel off mask this combo is designed to deliver the most deep cleansing and refreshing face care experience. The peel off mask is loaded with natural extracts which will help deep cleanse your pores and help reduce acne, lighten scars and add a glow to the entire face and stabilizes oil production. Essential Oils in this premier product heal & revitalize the skin keeping it young & blemish free. Our face wash combines the well known cleansing properties of activated charcoal combined with the anti aging & protective properties of premium essential oils like Mandarin, Frankincense, Ginger & Clove to create a rich and indulgent cleansing ritual you will never forget.  This skin brightening face wash will help you develop the smoothest and most radiant skin. Moreover, our premium charcoal face wash is enriched with honey which is a natural anti bacterial and helps prevent acne and improve skin complexion and glow. This face wash & peel off mask combo is made with a unique blend of natural extracts, essential oils and activated charcoal which will help clear all dirt, pollution & excess oil from your skin to ensure you are left with the brightest , smoothest & most radiant skin.

  • PURIFYING ACTIVATED CHARCOAL : Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin by providing a deep cleanse and helps your achieve radiant
  • ACNE & POLLUTION CONTROL - The face wash infused with Activated Charcoal, Honey & Essential Oils like Mandarin, Clove, Frankincense & Ginger helps clear the skin, prevent acne and control oil in the skin to provide a clear & radiant complexion
  • DEEP SKIN CLEANING & BLACKHEAD REMOVER : This premium Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask helps clear the skin by ridding it of impurities like blackheads, whiteheads, dirt & excess oil. This face mask is an Anti-Pollution mask that helps reduce acne, scars & blemishes to keep your skin clear & young
  • SKIN PURIFYING & BRIGHTENING: The peel off mask contains Grapeseed Oil powerful antioxidant with anti ageing properties that helps protect the skin, prevent acne and keep the skin feeling young & radiant. The face wash contains natural honey which is a natural anti-bacterial agent and well known for helping in acne treatment and reduction. Moreover, it is a powerful anti oxidant which acts as a strong anti aging agent while also improving skin complexion and brightening skin tone.
  • ENRICHED WITH PURE ESSENTIAL OILS - The face wash & peel off mask are enriched with pure essential oils to delivery the finest & most natural grooming experience. 
  • ACTIVE COOLING & REFRESHING - The face wash leaves the skin with a refreshing cool feeling while the peel off mask by removing excess oil, impurities deep cleanses the skin leaving it hydrated, refreshed and smooth. 

The combo is a unique & premium face care regimen that will help you spruce up and take your grooming game to the next level.

The Spruce Promise

We at Spruce are committed to delivering not just premium but more importantly effective, natural & impactful grooming essentials. 

All of our essentials are very carefully tested and created with hand picked ingredients to deliver a more natural and safe grooming experience.

To follow through on our promise we do not use any Sulfates, Parabens, PEG's, Silicones or Mineral Oils in our products. Our formulations range between 90-100% natural and even the preservatives used are plant based preservatives that will cause absolutely no harm.

Unlike a lot of brands we even avoid artificial fragrances and derive our unique scents through our own essential oil blends and natural ingredients!

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Natural formulations for a safer & healthier experience.

Enriched with pure essential oils.

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Harsh Gujrati (Lucknow)

Good product, very refreshing after use.

Samudra Gupt Anand (Delhi)

Charcoal Face Wash | Mandarin & Frankincense

Mohit Siwach (Shimla)
Spruce peel off mask

It is working properly on my oily skin also. Nice product.

Chandan Kumar (Delhi)

Not working

used it once every two weeks

have bought few times now and am very happy with results

Nice texture

nice smelling and lots of blackheads removed