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  1. Who makes your blades and where are they made?

Our blades are made by one of the largest and oldest manufacturers in the world. The blades are made in the USA with utmost care and precision. Our manufacturing partner has over 90 years of experience in making blades.

  1. What is the Difference between the 3X and the 5X ?

All of our blades are made by extremely experienced experts in USA. The main difference between the 3X and 5X is the number of blades in each cartridge. The 3X has 3 blades while the 5X has 5 blades in each cartridge. The advantage of using the 5X is that in each stroke, the blade will cut the hair on your face 5 times while in the 3X it only cuts it 3 times. So, you may need a couple more strokes with the 3X but the shave will be equally smooth and comfortable. The 5X also has a precision trimmer on the back to help you with styling and shaving areas like under your nose or your sideburns.

  1. Can I use the same razor handle for the 3X and the 5X?

Yes! Our handle fits both the 3X and the 5X blades so you can change your blade choice anytime without having to buy a new razor handle!

  1. Do your blades have a trimmer blade on the back?

Yes! Our 5X blade has a Precision Trimmer ("trimmer blade") on the back of the cartridge for detailed shaving for hard to reach places (under your nose) and trimming/edging (sideburns, shaping facial hair).

  1. How long do your blades last?

Our blades are designed to be extremely durable and give you an amazing shave for a long time. Our manufacturing partners have assured us that our 5X blade lasts for 12-16 good shaves before you need to change your blades. Of course, because our blades also happen to be affordable, we couldn’t blame you for wanting to indulge in the luxury of changing them a little more frequently.

  1. How do I insert and remove the cartridges?

  1. Do I have to use both your razor and your gels to get a good shave?

Of course not. Our razors, Foaming Shave Gel and Shave Cream were developed to work as great, standalone products, regardless of whether or not you use them together. That said, it never hurts to put great tires on a fast car. We'll leave it to you from here.

  1. What is the best way to use your shave gels?

We always recommend taking a nice, long shower before shaving -- or at least rinsing your face well with warm water. This helps to hydrate your whiskers and soften them up before you get to shaving.

Once your skin and hair are prepared, apply a thin layer of our moisturizing shave cream. The amount needed may vary depending on how much stubble you have accumulated. Then, spend 15-20 seconds massaging the cream into all the nooks and crannies of your face and neck, pick up your favorite Spruce Shave Club razor, and get to shaving.

  1. What is the best way to use your post shave balm?

Apply a small amount of our post shave balm after you shave gently over all parts of your face that you have shaved. The balm is designed to moisturize and hydrate your face and will give you a soothing feeling after you shave.

  1. What are your gels and balms made of?

Our shave gels are specially formulated with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon, Ginger, Neem, Cucumber and others that protect and hydrate your skin and ensure that you get an amazingly smooth and comfortable shave. Our exotic fragrances will leave your skin feeling refreshed.  All of our gels are herbal and SLS and paraben free to give you an amazingly natural shaving experience.

Our Post Shave Balm is made specially with Aloe Vera and Vitamin-E that will help protect and hydrate your skin and ensure that you don’t get razor burns.

  1. Do you test any of your products on animals?

We do not perform animal testing on any of our products, and that will never change. Some of us here in the office admittedly like to test new products on ourselves from time to time, but we promise we do that by choice!

  1. Where do you ship and how long will it take for my order to reach me?

We are working with a very reliable delivery partner to ensure that we cover as much of India as possible. When you place your order and you are entering your address you will be able to see if we deliver to your pincode. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on care@spruceshaveclub.com. Your order will take about 3-5 days to reach you depending on where in India you are located.

  1. Is shipping free?

Shipping is free for all orders over ₹249.

  1. Can I get COD on my orders?

Yes! We have Cash on Delivery on all products and gift boxes. However COD is not available on our Shave Plans. COD charges are also separate from your order.

  1. Is it safe to shop online if I make payment using net banking, Debit card or Credit Card?

Yes of course! We always have in mind the security of your personal information. That’s why we work with secure servers and software which encrypts the information you enter. Of course, we transmit the entire credit card number to the appropriate credit card company during order processing.

  1. Why am I not getting any COD option on the payment page?

It means cash on delivery is not serviceable by our courier partners at your location postal code but you can always opt for NetBanking or Credit/Debit Card. If nothing is working for you just write us at care@spruceshaveclub.com

  1. Are there any hidden charges?

No-one likes nasty surprises at checkout, so you have our word the posted price is the price you pay, plus no additional applicable taxes. All the prices are inclusive of taxes. In case you are placing an order via Cash on delivery method, the courier company charges Rs 45… and nothing else!

  1. What should I do if my payment fails?

In case of a payment failure, please retry ensuring :

1. Information passed on to payment gateway is accurate i.e. account details, billing address, password (for net banking) and that your Internet connection is not disrupted in the process.

2. If your account has been debited after a payment failure, you can email us at care@spruceshaveclub.com.

  1. How do I change or cancel an order?

We try to fill and send your order as quickly as possible, which may limit our ability to add items to your order or prevent a package from shipping. An order can be changed or cancelled within 24 hours only if the product has not already shipped. You can contact us at care@spruceshaveclub.com to make these requests.

  1. What is your return policy?

We don’t like using someone else’s blade and we assume that you don’t either, so it makes returned products non-resellable. So, unfortunately we offer returns only in special cases. You can take a look at our return policy here (need link for return policy).
  1. How long is my subscription for?

Every subscription lasts for 1 year after which you will have to renew your plan.

  1. Can I build my own shave plan?

Yes! Our unique subscription method allows you to choose your blade, your gel and the post shave balm. The gels and post shave balm are completely optional too so you don’t have to buy them. The products that you choose will be delivered to you at the frequency that you choose. So, its a completely customizable plan!

  1. How often will my box be shipped to me?

Your box will be shipped to you based on the frequency that you have chosen. So if you chose the plan which ships every 3 months then the box with the products that you have chosen will be shipped to you every 3 months for 1 year. So in this case you will have a total of 4 shipments.

  1. Why am I getting charged upfront for my subscription?

India has an OTP rule which does not allow us to auto debit your card or account as of now. So unfortunately as of now the subscription will have to be paid upfront for 1 year and we will deliver your boxes based on the frequency that you  have chosen. You can always cancel your subscription if you are unhappy. Please look at our cancellation policy at (need link for cancellation policy) or contact us on care@spruceshaveclub.com for any details.

We are currently working on alternatives and we will soon have a method to allow you to pay your subscription fee based on your frequency and not all upfront!

  1. Can I cancel my shave plan?

We would hate to see you go but you can always cancel your subscription if you are unhappy. Please look at our cancellation policy at (need link for cancellation policy) or contact us on care@spruceshaveclub.com for any details.