Top Winter Destinations for the Wanderer

Jan 30, 18
Top Winter Destinations for the Wanderer

One of the most beautiful and under-appreciated parts about our country is the ridiculous luxury we have when it comes to travel destinations.

We are so spoilt for choice that the real problems start to arise when it actually comes to choosing a place to go.

But whether it’s the trendy hills in the northern states, the barren desert in Ladakh, or the plantations down south, there’s literally a destination for every single person out there.

We’ve made things easier for you by narrowing the list down to 4 places you have to go to.


Munnar is a quaint little tea plantation town down south, that no matter what time of the year is a place that has to be visited.

Quiet, isolated, and mind-expandingly gorgeous, Munnar currently doesn’t experience as much tourist traffic as it probably deserves.

Use this time well and make the trip down there. You won’t regret it.


Gulmarg is a hidden gem that’s not so hidden anymore. Every year in the winters, families flock to the ski town to enjoy some cold winter sun while they let their bodies recover from the frigid temperatures.

And yet, Gulmarg is a place that needs to be visited.

With stunning landscapes, and a long list of places within that need to be seen, Gulmarg offers a lot to do whether you’re a solo traveler, or a family with an agenda.


You better make the most of Hampi while you can because it may not be what it is now for a lot longer.

Hampi is isolated and barren, and yet absolutely stunning. Landscapes like the ones you find here are very hard to come by in India.

The charm associated with the small town is partly due to the small, community like feel to the place, but also largely due to the very few tourists who actually know about the place.

But a long running battle to commercialize the area is coming to a close now, and while tourists may increase over the next few years, the tiny, unexplored, waiting to be discovered place that Hampi is right now might disappear altogether.

Book your trip now.

The Northeast of India often seems like an enigma. It’s a place with a rich, culture and history, amazing food, people and stories and yet remains an absolute mystery to most people.

The winter is probably the best time to jet off to the Northeast because of the cultural festivals that crop up during this time. The winters also tend to make people feel a lot more close to home, and so should be the time when you force yourself out of home for the reason to find one outside of your own comfort zone.

Waterfalls, dense forests and an irresistible fog awaits you.


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