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The importance of a hair serum: why you need to be using one

The importance of a hair serum: why you need to be using one

Hair serums are one of those products that can fly under the radar when it comes to cosmetics, but the importance they hold cannot be understated. They’re one of those products that can go unnoticed for long periods of time, but once you see them on the shelf at your store (or online), they just won’t go away. And with good reason. 

Hair serums shouldn’t be confused with hair oils. Hair oils are used for their nourishing effects it can have on your hair, but they need to be washed and scrubbed out well after applying. Hair serums aren’t to be used the same way.

Most hair serums need to be applied after you have had your shower. Again, unlike hair oils, you don’t need to drown (relatively speaking) your hair in it, a drop or two of it should be good. Hair serums have the same effect of hair oils in that they provide a bit of gloss and shine to your hair; for the curly haired folk they can help straighten it out (again, relatively speaking). Hair serums’ primary goal is to straighten out any tangles in your hair, but they also have a protective element to them when it comes to exposure to the sun.

If you’re part of the big city life, you should know by now just how much damage things like over-exposure to the sun and the city’s pollutants can have on things like your skin and face. For those things, there are relevant products that address the damage. Similarly, there needs to be a specific product designed to address the damage that your hair receives as you go about your day. That’s where hair serums come in. 

Serums dig deep and go right into your cuticles, addressing any damage along the way, and completely transforming the structure of your hair. When applying serums, you thus need to make sure you're doing it after you’ve shampooed. It’s meant to work as a protective layer, applying it on dry, unwashed hair defeats the purpose of it’s use.

Make sure you don’t dilly-dally, cop yourself a hair serum soon, before your hair has irreversible damage to deal with. While you’re at it, check out our range of products here -



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