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The effect of a good shampoo on your hair

The effect of a good shampoo on your hair

If you're a reader of our blogs here at Spruce Shave Club, you should already be familiar with our stance on proper grooming and the importance of the right products.

Just like the right face washes, shaving gels, brushes and razors, it’s imperative you use the right shampoo for your hair to promote proper growth and a full head of hair.

Hair loss can be a worrying thing for a lot of men. It’s genetic, and it’s unavoidable in most cases unless you're a laser hair treatment kind of guy. But such procedures price out a lot of the regular folk who just want to maintain a decent hairline and have healthy hair. That’s where a good shampoo can do wonders for you.

Less is more

There is an unbelievably common misconception about shampoo use today. For some reason, the thought is always that shampoos need to be used everyday. They help clean out your scalp of all the dust and dirt accumulated during the day.

For the most part that is true, but shampoos are needed more so to clean your hair and allow your natural oils to do its magic. If you use shampoos everyday of the week, your scalp stays dry 24/7 and thus it’s impossible for it to really ever become replenished.

The natural oil in your hair is important nourishment, and even if you’re someone who is prone to an oily scalp, you need to allow the oil to do its thing before you use a shampoo to get rid of it. For your hair to grow fully – thick and all over, rather than patchy and thin – you need to be making sure you’re not dulling your hair with chemicals and overpowering it with excess shampoo.

Natural vs. Chemical

Not to name names, but there are very famous brands of shampoos that cause so much irreparable damage to your hair without knowing it due to the volume of chemicals in it. Chemicals are a cost effective substitute to natural ingredients and thus most of the shampoos produced on a mass scale tend to lean towards chemicals rather than natural ingredients.

A simple indicator of the amount of chemical content in shampoos is the ‘bleach effect.’ If you have light coloured hair – blonde, light brown (unlikely I know) – then the more chemicals in a shampoo, the more bleachy your hair will look.

For the majority of us with dark hair – black or dark brown – your hair will have a dulling look to it just after you shampoo it. It’s one of the reasons why conditioners are so important for your hair, but even conditioners sometimes don’t undo this. 

If you’ve been using a chemical-based shampoo all your life, conditioners can only mitigate some amount of the damage. They don’t really reverse it. Natural ingredients work wonders, however.

Again, by now you shouldn’t need convincing as to why natural ingredients have more positive effects on your body than chemicals, but just in case you need a refresher, take a look at this article.


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