4 grooming tips for the working professional

For most of us working professionally, taking care of ourselves tends to fall by the wayside; whether it’s our diet and fitness or our overall skincare and grooming. Fortunately, there’s ways to work around the busy schedule and use the time we do have on our hands to ensure a cleaner and healthier look.  

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Why use a pre-shave oil

The biggest question surrounding pre-shave oils today is this one: are pre-shave oils even necessary and why should you use them? You used to get by fine for all these...

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What Is a Pre-Shave Oil?

Pre-shave oils are a term being thrown around everywhere on the Internet these days. Shaving forums, Reddit threads and Facebook posts. Yet nobody truly knows what they are, do they?...

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Different Ways to Style Your Beard

Beards aren’t as much of a trend as they were a couple of years ago, but there are still a few types of folk sporting beards and trying to make...

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3 Foods You Need to Be Eating to Complement Your Gym Habit

Have you heard the phrase “Working out is 20%, diet is 80%”? There is a lot of truth to this statement, but before you go ahead and take the statement way to literally, let us emphasize the importance of a well balanced workout lifestyle. Here's 3 foods you need to be eating for the best gains.  

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Confidence is a Muscle. Here’s How You Can Develop It.

Confidence is the key to attraction. Ask anyone (guy or girl) that question, and more often than not, the quality that everyone finds universally attractive is confidence. There’s various degrees...

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