Here’s Why You Need to Use a Beard Oil

Beard oils are everywhere these days. You’re either already using them, or begrudgingly cursing people who do use them, because you’re constantly being exposed to it and can’t grow a beard yet. But fear not, beard oils aren’t reserved only for the lumberjack lookalikes. Beard oils have a wide range of benefits and are important for overall skincare.  

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How to Work on Making a Better First Impression

We live in a fast-paced social media run era, and at the forefront of that is people’s impression of you. If you take your time adapting to this new age...

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4 grooming tips for the working professional

For most of us working professionally, taking care of ourselves tends to fall by the wayside; whether it’s our diet and fitness or our overall skincare and grooming. Fortunately, there’s ways to work around the busy schedule and use the time we do have on our hands to ensure a cleaner and healthier look.  

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Here’s how to use a pre-shave oil

Before you go ahead and purchase that entire rack of pre-shave oils (and trust me you will want to once you see the range of products), there’s a few things you can do to prepare yourself first. Here's what they are  

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Confidence is a Muscle. Here’s How You Can Develop It.

Confidence is the key to attraction. Ask anyone (guy or girl) that question, and more often than not, the quality that everyone finds universally attractive is confidence. There’s various degrees...

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3 Tips to Improve Efficiency in the Mornings

Whether it’s a night of partying or a good movie that put you to sleep the night before, getting out of bed no matter how long you have slept is...

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Spruce Shave Club’s Guide to Winter Skincare

Winters are a great time. If you conducted a survey (and trust us, we have), you would find that many people consider winters to be the most wonderful time of...

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