Here’s How You Dress Well on a Budget

Aug 29, 17
Here’s How You Dress Well on a Budget

Over the last few articles we’ve been emphasizing the importance of fashion.

But one of the important questions we haven’t yet addressed is how you can keep your style up without leaving a huge dent in your wallet.

It’s a fair concern, but that’s why we’ve put together a list of clothes that will bump up your wardrobe, while also causing minimal financial damage.


#1 – Always stick to the simple stuff

It’s almost a cliché now, but you just can’t go wrong if you stay true to the simple things. Primary colours and easy cut t-shirts are a killer combo that can literally be bought anywhere. Blue, red, green and black t-shirts are all you need.

Go for variations in those colours and you’ve got yourself a multi-coloured closet that represents different parts of your personality.

Throw in a few greys and whites and you’ve literally got a t-shirt for every occasion. 

#2 – Button Down Your Shirts 

Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you fill your closet with only t-shirts. It also means investing in the right kinds of button down shirts.

Whites, blacks and greys and staple and can go with anything.

One of each and you’re sorted for all your formal dinner parties and gatherings around town.

#3 – Suits 

Suit. * One is all you need. Don’t bother with an extravagant collection of suits because let’s face it, unless you’re Jordan Belfort, you’re hardly ever going to be using one. 

Still they’re an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.

Go to your closest outlet and get one tailored. Tailored doesn’t always mean more expensive, and since this might just be your only one, at least make sure it fits.

#4 – Dark Trousers

This is a no-brainer.

Black jeans are literally the best investment you can ever make. They go with everything, they’re classy and most importantly they jump the line between casual and formal on a daily basis.

One pair of quality black jeans can last you for a long, long time, so go ahead and invest in a good one.

#5 – Sweaters and Shoes

A pair of nice shoes – think black or white, can make any outfit.

Since you’re on a budget, instead of buying a pair of shoes for every occasion, buy a pair that fits all. Chukkas and possibly the best things ever invented.

If you’re more of a Chelsea boots guy, then go for that.

One is all you need.

A couple of nice dark sweaters for your winter wear will also show that you know what it takes to be a complete fashion mogul. Sweaters are an underrated clothing attire and are actually quite essential from a fashion sense.

I’d say one crew neck sweater, and one v neck is really all you need to complete your wardrobe.


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