Here’s how to use a pre-shave oil

Mar 28, 18
Here’s how to use a pre-shave oil

Before you go ahead and purchase that entire rack of pre-shave oils (and trust me you will want to once you see the range of products), there’s a few things you can do to prepare yourself first.

Knowing what a pre-shave oil is just the first step.

The next bit is where the work needs to be put in.

Here are a few things you can do.

Do the Right Work Pre- Pre-Shave 

Pre-shave oils work well for all kinds of skin, but if you have the type that tends to slip and slide more (oilier) than normal then keep an eye out for the kind of pre-shave oil you’re buying.

Go for pre-shave oils with essential oils that are lighter.

Heavy pre-shave oils on already naturally oily skin can lead to your pores getting blocked up resulting in acne.

This is easily avoidable though, so just be aware and keep a weather eye on what you buy.

Steam, Exfoliate and Clean

Now obviously the first step to using a pre-shave oil is applying it before you start shaving.

It’s obvious, I know, but you’d be surprised how grogginess in the early mornings can affect a person’s ability to think straight.

The oil should be applied to a slightly damp face; so think right after a steam, a hot shower or a thorough was.

Don’t over think this though, trying to measure the number of drops of water on your face is unnecessary, just ballpark it.

The main focus should be to clean your face properly. Get any dust and dead skin out before you apply the oil.

Start by using ice cold water to help tighten your skin. Rubbing ice cubes over your face can help too.

Give it a few minutes and then use lukewarm to semi-hot water to open your pores up.

Applying the Oil

Don’t drown your face with the oil.

For the first few times use an average of 5 drops each time and then start to gauge if you need more or less.

Rub the oil on your hands and then start massaging your face.

Do this for about 30 seconds on the areas you plan to shave. Don’t worry about doing this with too much pressure. Just make sure you get it covered. 

Pretty simple, right?

One last thing to keep in mind right before you shave is to make sure you get sufficient lather. Using a shaving brush is ideal for this so make sure you get your face nice and foamy.

Have fun.


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