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Focus on Your Skin Type to Get the Perfect Shave

by Hiren Tech 19 Jun 2017 0 Comments

Shaving is an important yet misunderstood art.

It’s a necessity for most people to have a clean face, yet people don’t invest enough time trying to figure out how to optimize the activity to ensure that their face is left with a long-lasting afterglow.

That’s where we come in. Here’s why you need to know your skin type BEFORE you even start shaving.


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be quite troubling for a lot of people because there’s so many ways for you to mess up your face.

Do these things to get the best out of your shave.

Use warm water instead of hot water before your shave.

Rather than applying a shaving foam, invest in a quality, shaving gel that has natural ingredients.

Make sure your razor blades are sharp. Using old and worn out blades can cause razor burns and rashes. Quality blades can guarantee that your face stays smooth and acne free.

Rinse your face once more with warm water before applying a moisturizer or aftershave. It is recommended to use an alcohol free aftershave since alcohol actually results in dry skin. Use a moisturizing aftershave balm with natural ingredients as this can be a huge help in protecting your skin against dryness and ensuring that it stays smooth and safe.


The important thing for sensitive skin is to make sure everything you’re using is top quality. Sensitive skin has a tendency to break out a lot more, and if you’re worried about that happening make sure you have invested in good quality products.


Dry Skin

For dry skin, the important thing for you is to keep your face hydrated.

Avoid all alcohol-based skin products because they dehydrate your face even more and cause additional dryness. Using herbal, cooling gels and moisturizing aftershave balms are highly recommended as they will ensure that your skin is protected and prevent against dryness and razor burns.

Shaving immediately after you shower is important. After your shower, your pores remain open and you can lock in the moisture to protect your dry skin.


Oily Skin

Finally, if you have oily skin, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Your skin type is the sturdiest when it comes to shaving and the natural oil secretion allows for a much smoother shave.

Don’t try to dry out your face with alcohol-based creams and gels. Doing so could in turn lead to more oil being secreted by your body. Stick to the basics, take your time and let the magic happen.

Keep things simple, but don’t sell yourself short. Just because you have beautiful skin doesn’t mean you can neglect taking care of it.


Final Word

“The Shave Doctor,” Mr. Mark Sproston highlights some key mistakes that men make when they shave.

 Using products with highly protective and moisturising ingredients helps keep the skin supple and hydrated – a key factor in improving shaving comfort.”

Read about the rest of the mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them here –

In the meantime, make sure you’re investing in yourself by investing in the best products on the market, check out this website.

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